Lisbon features the most innovative sightseeing minibus in the world.
(português; français; español; italiano; deutsch)

This is a mobile 360º mirador featuring a multimedia experience. Displays the best of Lisbon Centre and tells the history, character and lifestyle of the city. It is comfortable, spacious and climatized.

In the fall out of the pandemic, there arises the opportunity in Lisbon to take a sightseeing tour on an innovative minibus with unique characteristics in the world: the seats in theater disposition catch a wide angle view on every side, while at the front there is a screen streaming a real-time image of the street which in its turn choreographically displays a set of videos on each of the tour’s sites with historical remarks on Lisbon or Portugal, on the lifestyle of the city as well as anecdotes idiosyncratic to Lisbon and her Lisboners.

Sightseeing buses are a success in the whole world, but they have a few limitations: (1) they are uncomfortable in bad weather conditions (rain, too cold or too hot); (2) they show the city, but lack proper explanation; (3) they become uninteresting at night due to diminished visibility of the relevant sites.

This new project aims at overcoming these limitations and is called Smart Sightseeing©, precisely to highlight the evolution from traditional Sightseeing experiences. What’s new? (1) Visual and thermal comfort regardless the outside weather conditions (featuring a panoramic glass including ceiling, a theater disposition of seats and a big screen streaming the driver’s point of view); (2) Videos explaining the history and actuality of the city are displayed some time before arriving at each site in order to fully experience what is to be seen in each step of the tour (there are 25 small videos up to 30 seconds each); (3) The nightly tours become possible due to air conditioned and the diminished visibility of the touristic sites is compensated through the video experience.

Smart Sightseeing runs everyday starting at Praça dos Restauradores, every hour from 10a.m. to 11.p.m.